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The 3 Basics of Mobiography, According to This Pro

May 18, 2017
basics of mobiography

With the amount of software and technology on the market, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed as a mobile photographer. Recently, Chris Belcina of the iPhone Photography School reminded us of the importance of the basics when it comes to capturing the perfect shot and delivering the final product.

1. Avoid Over-Processing Your Mobile Photography

You spent an ample amount of time out in the field snapping photos – why kill your efforts with over-processing? Taking your time as you photograph your subjects can eliminate the need to heavily edit your pictures. When it comes time to clean them up, take a page from Belcina’s playbook.

 chris belcina_2

“Always fix the basics first before editing any photo, like adjusting the exposure, contrast or temperature depending on the creative vision you want to achieve,” he says. “With the way I edit, I always want to keep it close to a natural look so that I won’t lose any important details in the photo.”

chris belcina_4

2. Keep Your Smartphone Steady During Your Shoot

Keeping your smartphone steady as you shoot is essential to preventing blur. In some instances, you may be more prone to capturing a blurry image – think low-lighting situations. If you can’t change the environment, take multiple shots during your shoot. This will give you more photographs to choose from when it comes down to finalizing your images. Although it may take patience, slow and steady wins the race.

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“Being patient is very crucial because this is what helps you carry on until you achieve that shot,” says Belcina. “Some photos will be great and some will be always crappy. The great thing about photography is that learning never ends, you learn new things every day.”

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3. Have an Overarching Goal in Mind

Do you know what you want to achieve with your mobile photography? Perhaps you’re attempting to capture the vastness of a landscape, or maybe you want to show a playful scene through the eyes of young subjects. Regardless, it can be helpful to have a goal or theme in mind before you start shooting.

“In my case I’ve always wanted to do portraits and landscape, so what I did I combined both and called it adventure photography,” says Belcina. “This theme of mine has a touch of portraits and landscapes all together with a hint of old school film vibes. This aspect can really take time so all you need to do is keep shooting or creating visions in your mind on what shot you want to achieve.”

Final Thoughts

With these basics in mind, you can put yourself in the best possible position to take mobile photographs that reflect your overarching objective. Finally, don’t take yourself too seriously – creating art can be just as enjoyable as the final product.

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“Get out and explore,” Belcina says. “Keep your eyes open, ‘listen with your eyes,’ as what I call it. Always envision that shot you want to take before actually taking it. Have fun, mobile photography is such a wonderful thing.”

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Krystle Vermes
Krystle Vermes

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