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How Simone Bramante Creates Visual Inspiration with Mobile Photography

February 9, 2017

Simone Bramante has been named a top travel blogger, visual storyteller, and of course, a great mobile photographer. With more than 800,000 followers on Instagram, he knows how to inspire people with his images, whether they view them on social media or his online portfolio.

We had an opportunity to ask Simone a few questions on how he tackles mobile photography challenges, and we also asked for some advice for budding photographers.

Overcoming Challenges and Finding Inspiration

Even for experienced artists, it can be challenging to get started and maintain momentum over time.

“Expressing myself is very hard work,” Bramante says.

As a mobile photographer, it can be especially difficult if you feel like you’ve already shot everything before. There comes a time when artists need to find new sources of inspiration.

“The knowledge I share when I meet other mobile photographers really inspires me,” says Bramante.

Think about reaching out to other mobile photographers when you get stuck in a rut. Your fellow photographers can provide insight into what they are working on, which can serve as inspiration in your own projects.

If you lack personal connections in the photography world, think about taking a trip to a museum. Here, you can view other photographers’ works and find a bit of inspiration to get your mind jogging. Consider taking not only a trip to museum, but a trip. Get up and go somewhere else. Any sort of unknown will spark new ideas and ways of thinking, making it a foolproof stimulus for creativity.

Working with Accessories

“I found really hard to shoot photos of people in movement,” Bramante explains.
Luckily, there are several mobile photography accessories on the market these days that can tackle these types of challenges.

“One of the things I always bring with me is a universal smartphone clamp, so I can adapt different kind of mobile phones to the tripod,” says Bramante.

A tripod and a clamp can also keep a mobile phone completely still, reducing the chances of blur.

Don’t rule out new apps and editing tools.

Staying Motivated

One way to keep yourself motivated when the going gets tough is to focus on your strengths as a mobile photographer.

“The colors I use for my photos are one of my signatures,” says Bramante. “I think people appreciate that and the magic of my style.”

In addition to giving yourself a confidence boost, honing in on your strengths can remind you of what you need to be the best mobile photographer possible. Perhaps you’ve strayed from the use of natural light, and in the past, it has served you well to work in this type of setting. Maybe you haven’t been working closely with subjects in nature, which is typically where you excel.
In the end, Bramante notes that it’s important to relax and remind yourself that your work is an art.

“Mobile photography is fun, try to remember that,” he says. While it may seem necessary to strive for perfection, you might yield better results by taking a moment to reflect on why you love mobile photography.

@brahmino is one of the most celebrated creative photographers on Instagram since 2013, published on Forbes, Chicago Tribune, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, ABC Cable TV. He is based in Bologna, Italy.



Krystle Vermes
Krystle Vermes

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