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Graphic Design Meets Concept Art Meets Instagram

May 19, 2016

Leftfield Corn is a young artist and Enlight user in St. Petersburg, Russia – a city from which he draws tremendous inspiration. A quick scroll through his Instagram will introduce you to everything from double exposures, to natural ‘scapes to graphic elements. We spoke with Leftfield about his inspiration and his creative process and how Enlight helps to execute his visions.

Leftfield began pursuing visual arts about two years ago, after being inspired by the sheer potential of infinite possibilities. He was learning Photoshop and Illustrator but has since realized the opportunities within mobile photography to be far more intuitive and easy to grasp. Although he only began working as an artist less than 2 years ago, he’s already accumulated thousands of followers on Instagram and other social networks. Prior to his artistic outbreak, Leftfield worked as a musician. Notes of his invented soundscapes can arguably be seen reflected in the harmony of his visual works.

Which artists do you take inspiration from?

My favorites are people like @gosleep_, @oskadesign and @subzer.o. Each has their own atmosphere in the works, and consistently produce very high quality and inspirational content. I admire that they are not afraid to experiment. As I continue to learn, I want to develop my personal style and build upon it. These artists succeed in doing that.

As minimalist as they are, they layer in a tremendous amount of information in their works, making them a pure delight.



What are your more frequented tools in the Enlight app and why?

Without a question, my most favorite tool is the Mixer tool. It is so wonderfully implemented in Enlight; in other applications similar tools don’t do the job. It’s just like painting, but in digital format. It creates so many new possibilities and is a delight to use. Enlight offers many tutorials to help you get started with it; I truly recommend it to users just learning Enlight.


Your work has a surreal quality to it. Almost other-worldly. What kind of message or feeling are you trying to create with your art?

My goal is to evoke something, but I leave it for the viewer to take his or her own message and decide what that is. I believe art belongs to the viewer as much as to the artist.

What is your typical process for creating one of your pieces of art?

First, I imagine a piece that I want to work towards. Unfortunately, I cannot just upload my vision directly to Instagram – I wish I could! I then begin to look for material – textures, photos, colors – to incorporate into my piece, although more than half of it will be end up being discarded during the process.

I begin in Enlight by opening the base image and heading straight to the Mixer tool. There I start combining several images together, looking at all the nuances and correcting flaws in composition and other areas. I spent a lot of time doing this, perfecting the foundation of my piece. (I use an older iPhone and every once in awhile the device crashes and I have to begin again. I usually end up with better results the second time!) If things go well, I’ll have begun to translate my vision to the screen.

I then move on to more traditional post-processing – using image adjustments and filters to finalize the “look” I’m going for. Often, I’ll add in a new element or an unexpected flare.


Finally, I’ll publish my work to the public. For me, this is part of the creative process, not something that happens after it. I look at the reaction of my audience and read the comments carefully to see what people are responding to. I understand not everyone will follow the reactions to their pieces, but I draw inspiration from them.


What if the audience doesn’t react well? What advice would you give to other aspiring Instagrammers

Even if a piece is not a “win,” it is also not a defeat. It’s a learning experience to make you better. I’m currently thinking of completely redoing about 80% of my work. I do have some pieces that I’ll never retouch – they are my favorites.




Written by: Shai Davis.

Check out all of Leftfield Corn’s intriguing images here.

Shai Davis
Shai Davis

Shai Davis is a photographer, educator, and entrepreneur. Over the past several years, he has taught thousands of aspiring artists from all over 35 countries how to use their lenses - whether attached to DSLRs or phones - to capture their worlds and imaginations. With a degree in Visual Arts from Harvard, Shai is a lifelong shutterbug. Follow him on Instagram at @shaidavis.

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