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Turn Masterpieces into Memorabilia: Printing with Enlight

May 5, 2016

With Enlight’s new printing feature, you can now print whatever you make (now for 40% off)! Print your unique designs or photos onto framed canvases, smartphone and iPad cases, posters, greeting cards and magnets. Our very own designer, Joseph Betsalel, who grew up in his father’s print shop and is the talent behind all of Enlight’s Tutorial Tuesday tutorials, has assembled some tips for printing that’ll help you turn your masterpieces into memorabilia.

1. Color selection. When you edit photos online or on a mobile app, you work with RGB (digital) colors, but CMYK colors are what’s used for printing. Many times the CMYK coloring can look less saturated than its RGB counterpart, so be sure your image’s colors are crisp and bright – never blurry or desaturated. In Enlight go to Image > Adjust > Tools tab > Basic to raise Brightness and Image > Adjust > Tools tab > Color to raise Saturation.

CMYK vs RGB shutterstock_150370286

2. Cropping for composition. Keep your crop in mind from the beginning. Choose the positioning and composition of elements carefully. For a winning composition, make it obvious what made the cut and what didn’t. Leave elements that are inside the frame, completely inside the frame, and the elements that are going to be cut by crop, either completely outside of the frame or definitively cut.

3. Image quality. When shooting, remember that the back smartphone camera has a higher resolution than the front camera. Right before you shoot, clean the camera lens – it will totally change the outcome! Regarding the editing and combining of photos: if you are creating a design with images from the internet, make sure they’re high-res and not pixelated already. If you’re using an app for post-processing, set resolution to as high as possible to avoid pixelated prints. In Enlight, you can tap the Enlight icon in the top left corner, go to Settings > Export Quality > change to TIFF. Below that you’ll see Max Export Size. Make sure it’s at Max.

4. Positioning when printing. For smartphone or iPad cases: don’t forget about the hole in the back for the device’s camera! This could ruin your composition- although there’s an easy fix. Use Flip to the revert image (in Enlight > Canvas > Crop > vFlip) and whatever is in the left corner of your composition will move to the top right corner, freeing up space for the camera’s hole.

When printing on a vertical format (i.e. a smartphone case or A3 poster), you may need to zoom in on a part of the composition and crop in a way that fits better vertically.

5. All-white backgrounds. If your photo or design is on an all-white background, seriously consider centering it. It’ll look the cleanest this way, minimizing any boring empty space.


– – –

Printing with Enlight

Now that you’ve got these tips down, let’s show you how to print using Enlight and Kite, the super easy-to-use service we’ve adopted in-app. And, guess what? Beginning tomorrow, May 6, for one month only, all products printed through Enlight are 40% off! Start printing your memories now. Here’s how it works:

– Start by opening the Enlight Share menu (it’s the third icon along the top).

– Go to Print.

– Next, select the kind of item you want to print on (Framed Prints, Greeting Cards, etc.)

– Choose your size, then Start Creating to select the images you want. You can even flip, rotate or crop the image at this stage to adjust your composition. For now, you’ll see regular pricing – the 40% discount will appear when you check out.


– When you’re ready, tap Done > Add to Basket (here you’ll see the 40% discount in the Total at the bottom) > choose your payment method – credit card or PayPal – and delivery details. In just a few days, your masterpiece will arrive in the mail!




Stav Tishler
Stav Tishler

Stav is the official representative of Enlight users worldwide and the final word on Lightricks social media matters. If you've got a fantastic idea for a blog post or you're an artist who's interested in collaborating, drop her a line: stav@lightricks.com.

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