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Tutorial Tuesday

January 14, 2016

In only 4 steps (or less!), create your own unique iPhone art & become an Enlight pro. Click on the link below each image to find out how to recreate the look yourself.


Frame Splash

Multiple Mix

Disappearing Act

Fantasy Crosshatch

Surprise Snowman

Floating Tree

Future Gate

Landscape Jar

Dinner Invite

Deep Blue

Galaxy Skin

City Void

Dead Eyes

Urban Portrait

Frame & Hang

Weird Wires


3D Layers (Video)


Cloudy Sky



All-Star Runner

Parrot Pattern

Cross Hatching

Pop Art (Video)

Pop Sculpture

Framed Type

City Lights

Exposure Silhouette (Video)

Biggest Fan

Fútbol Champ

Color Craze

Inner Exposure

Comic Book

3D Type

Fruit or Animal?

Crack & Peel

Golden Statue


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